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Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending

All Writ Down

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This is a community for those who appreciate the Incredible String Band.

All my life and it's been a short one;
I've met the happy and the sad together.
I chased the soft warm air that flew before me,
And through the storm on wings of love,
the song of life bore me.

And when the music starts to play let me be around, (I said)
When the music starts to play let me be around.
Oh, can't you see how my heart soars high,
When I hear that music.
When the music starts to play let me be around.

When sadness lays his cold fist on my shoulder,
And pushes me in icy waters drowning,
The gentle hand of music lifts me smiling,
And through these sounds my heart takes bounds,
I happy am.

When The Music Starts To Play
Mike Heron

I don't anticipate a lot of posting in this community, but that's perfectly all right. It's just a place for like-minded ISBers to call home.

All the world is but a play
Be thou the joyful player

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